Announcing the Session Tracks for WordCamp Austin 2013

We are thrilled to get the session and track information published today and in the next couple of days. The sessions and tracks have been prioritized from the 2013 WordPress Austin Member Survey. The 4 big categories are

  • Content Track
  • Administrator / Manager Track
  • Technical Track (Designer and Developer Level)
  • Business Track

Each track is jam-packed with sessions all day long we’re posting these throughout the day.

5 thoughts on “Announcing the Session Tracks for WordCamp Austin 2013

  1. Elinor L Brown

    This will be my second word camp. Attended the two day one in NY in 2012. Had great hands on instruction and demonstrations. Will there be hands on instructions for attendees?

    1. Shelly K. Post author

      The sessions and format for WordCamp were driven by the Survey which made it more of a classroom format. However, the regular Austin Meetups are often hands-on. People bring their laptops to work on even when listening to presenters. Please join us at the Austin WordPress Meetup – – People at the meeting are often handy for quick questions and to help get through specific blocks or problems and to have intelligent discussions about your applications.

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