WordCamp Volunteers – Calling WordCamp Volunteers

Hey Volunteers! You get the same great food, the t-shirt and more free stuff, but volunteers also get the inside scoop on the politics, gossip and secrets that go on behind the scenes.

Call for Volunteers


If you will be in the same track all day it would be ideal to have you introduce the speakers in that session. Your interest in a specific series gives you an inside track on the flow and focus of your day. Even if it’s just half a day, that’s good too. If you want to spend quality time getting to know each speaker individually and are interested in this volunteer position please come to the Posh Meeting Monday Night at 6pm, 3027 North Lamar Blvd., Suite 202.

Tweeters and Posters

If it’s easy for you to blog and tweet on the fly we’ll need it in each session too. Everyone is encouraged to do this – last year we were a hot topic and we got in a posting war with WordCamp Seattle – aaahhh the memories :). Other Volunteer opportunities are also available find out more Monday night at 6 pm at Posh on Lamar (a few blocks south of Cafe Express near Seton Hospital).

How Do You Get to Know Someone to Get Ahead? It’s called Networking

If you’re new to WordPress or new to WordPress in Austin this is the perfect chance to meet the experts that are giving back to the community, the ones who have been doing it for years and now help the rest of us who follow in their expertise expecting their insights to brush off on us. You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with the ‘guy that knows everything’ or ‘knows everyone’ and will be able to capitalize on this resource in the future… it’s all about who you know or who knows you. So volunteer and get to know someone you can take advantage of… it’s called Networking.

Monday night at the 6pm Volunteers meeting we’ll take a head count for the volunteer’s food. (Yup. earliest morning  volunteers at WordCamp are greeted with breakfast tacos – this is one of those insider secrets I mentioned.  Sshhh, don’t talk about it out load ;-))

If you have already bought your ticket for WordCamp and are now deciding to volunteer please come to the short Volunteers meeting Monday night 6pm (before the regular 7pm Meetup also scheduled at Posh).

See You Monday night –