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In Case You Haven’t Seen It – The Schedule

The schedule is posted. In case you haven’t seen it:

Here’s the link to the WordCamp Schedule, Saturday May 18.

For Saturday’s WordCamp here’s the link to the Location and Directions.including GPS Coordinates to Austin Baptist Church Campus – 7016 Ribelin Ranch Drive in Austin, TX  78750.

Also, just to post the details: WordCamp is on Saturday May 18 in the hill country near 360 and 2222 (see first link above); and DevDay is Sunday in Downtown Austin at Capital Factory. For those of us DIY WordPress Campers it’s exciting to think about going to DevDay to get all the WordPress we can hold and hang with the developers. But let me warn you – DevDay is hardcore if you’re not a programmer – so you can think about going on Sunday because you think you’ll learn more, but I caution you non-developers who think you want to know this information… it can wear out a do-it-yourselfer (especially if you’re not a programmer).

More posts about DevDay will go up in the next couple of days.

Team Work and Work Flow

When you realize you can move further faster when you work with a team, you might choose to work with a team of writers, editors and proof readers. It takes systems to be successful. Some team players will know the ins and outs of WP, others will barely be able to log in and out. Your team can work together because WordPress can create the system that manages workflow including writing, editing, reviewing, and quality control. Dorian Speed covers custom post types, plugins and contributor roles in her session Hey Kids! Let’s Put on a Show: Building a Collaborative Website

It’s definitely worth getting the daily routine into a perpetual system so you can focus on your business rather than in your business.

View Your Site by IP Address

Have you ever thought, ‘I can just view my old site by the IP address while I move the domain to a new server… and then I can have both sites up at the same time’?  Well many of us have. Turns out, viewing a WP site just by it’s IP address isn’t as straight forward as we think it should be.

So how do I get to view my new and old sites at the same time? How do I move an existing site to a new host? Will there be search engine penalties? You may never need to move your site(s), or maybe you’ll just move it once, I’m here to tell you from personal experience the answer to how to view the same site in two places (via IP address or not) is NOT out there in the forums (I looked).

This is only 10 minutes of Chris Weigman‘s session on Moving Sites and Managing Domains.It’s scheduled for late afternoon so plan on staying for it.  This is a definite must for Do-It-Yourselfers if you have ever thought of moving your site.

Hey WordPressers – Get Your T-Shirt

Hey Everyone –

To be sure you get your size in the FREE T-Shirt, buy your tickets now. We must turn in the shirt order by Sunday Noon (yes in 2 days). Please buy your ticket(s) now and reserve your shirt-size and your choice of BBQ, Vegan or Vegetarian for your FREE Lunch too.  All this for only $20? (you must be thinking…)

Yup. You get:
the T-Shirt (in your size buy now!)
Lunch (BBQ, Veg, or Veg) and Afternoon Snacks and the After Party at Mario’s Taco Express
Networking with the unique and talented ATX WordPress Community
4 Powerful Tracks each packed with 5 sessions (quick do the math)
More FREE Stuff!

WordCamp ATX is falling into place nicely as the schedule and speakers have been finalized. I’ve been e-talking with each of the speakers and they are all excited to be here – several are coming in from out of state – and are planning their presentations to the different levels of expertise we’ll have in the audience. These sessions are shaping up to be dynamic, entertaining and focused.

Looking forward to seeing you at WordCamp ATX Sat. May 18th.

Buy your ticket(s) now to be sure to get the T-Shirt in your size!


Content-Rich Sessions Come from Survey

who we areThe WP Austin Survey took place the first quarter of 2013 and 10% of our membership stepped-up to say what they wanted to learn more about. We heard from all skill levels – beginners to certified professionals with the largest category being novice WP user and the largest group of users were content developers or bloggers. The most popular topics are Responsive Design, with SEO and Google Webmaster always scoring high because 3/4 of people reported they use WP in their business.

A big thanks to Blossom Braemer for doing all the work to correlate the survey results.

Announcing the Session Tracks for WordCamp Austin 2013

We are thrilled to get the session and track information published today and in the next couple of days. The sessions and tracks have been prioritized from the 2013 WordPress Austin Member Survey. The 4 big categories are

  • Content Track
  • Administrator / Manager Track
  • Technical Track (Designer and Developer Level)
  • Business Track

Each track is jam-packed with sessions all day long we’re posting these throughout the day.

The Results of The Austin WordPress 2013 Survey Are In

The organizers of the Austin WordPress Group would like to express our gratitude to Blossom Braemer, of Posh Co-Working Lounge, for analyzing the raw data from the 2013 Austin WordPress Survey and producing an actionable report. Thanks to our members who took the time to respond to the survey, we now have a better idea of the skill levels and interests of our WordPress Community. Not only will we plan our future WordPress Meetups based on our member’s requests, we used the topics you requested to plan the Tracks and Sessions for the 2013 Austin WordCamp.

Based on the survey results we have set the session tracks for WordCamp

Thanks to the larger venue for this year’s WordCamp, we will be offering four Tracks: Content, Site Administration and Management, Technical-Design and Development and Business.

The Track Sessions are being  developed right now based on the topics requested by our members. We’ve reached out to the subject matter experts and a gratifying number have accepted our invitations to present at WordCamp Austin 2013. The session tracks will be finalized in a few weeks. In the meantime we’ll announce the sessions and speakers as they are confirmed on the site. Go ahead and signup to receive automatic updates to Wordcamp Austin 2013, Saturday May 18th

WordPress was Born in Texas and thanks to our vital WordPress Community Grown in Texas.

Our goal for the 2013 Austin WordCamp is to throw a WordPress 10th Anniversary Celebration — Lonestar Style.

See you there!