Code Poet Joins WordCamp Austin 2013 as SILVER Sponsor

The WordCamp Austin 2013 Organizing Team is happy to announce that Code Poet has agreed to sponsor this year’s WordCamp at the SILVER level.  This the second year that Code Post has sponsored our WordCamp.

Last year the Code Poet representatives gave a well-attended presentation about why Code Poet was formed and explained their charge to find ways to Learn, teach, inspire and motivate the ever-growing WordPress Community.

If you use WordPress to build things for other people, Code Poet wants to make your life easier. No matter whether you freelance on a solo basis, lead a small web shop, make plugins in a dark closet, or crack the whip at a large design firm, our aim is to become your go-to source of information and resources to help you expand your WordPress skills and know-how. To make you better at what you do. To make it easier to make your living and look great doing it.

You’re part of a tribe of WordPress designers and developers over 10,000 strong, spanning the entire globe. aims to bring the working knowledge and real world strategies of those people into one place, for you to tap into.

Here’s what Code Poet has accomplished in their first year: they’ve collected their favorite resources, published case studies featuring real live Code Poets out in the wild. They share their experiences, reflections, and tips on how they tackle the challenges of making a living with WordPress. Code Poet has created two ebooks, one on Responsive Web Design, and one that tackles the treachery of charging for your work. Dive into the Code Poet content, install that security scanning plugin on the site of your choice, and let us know what you think.

Please note, while Code Poet offers resources for people who work with WordPress, we’re not able to offer WordPress support. For help, please visit the WordPress Forums.

Automattic is the parent company of Code Poet,, Polldaddy, Akismet, VaultPress, Gravatar, and more.

One thought on “Code Poet Joins WordCamp Austin 2013 as SILVER Sponsor

  1. Sherry Lowry

    Code Poet – welcome back to Wordcamp Austin! We fully appreciated your support and participation in 2012 – and we cannot wait to welcome you now in 2013!

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