Content-Rich Sessions Come from Survey

who we areThe WP Austin Survey took place the first quarter of 2013 and 10% of our membership stepped-up to say what they wanted to learn more about. We heard from all skill levels – beginners to certified professionals with the largest category being novice WP user and the largest group of users were content developers or bloggers. The most popular topics are Responsive Design, with SEO and Google Webmaster always scoring high because 3/4 of people reported they use WP in their business.

A big thanks to Blossom Braemer for doing all the work to correlate the survey results.

One thought on “Content-Rich Sessions Come from Survey

  1. Sherry Lowry

    Very, very helpful data…and it’s quite interesting this survey was done in such a way to derive so much.

    10% response seems quite positive to me – but i’m not survey-experienced. Is it?

    Something else that may be interesting to know in our future such: how many who respond are brand new – to – fairly new – to experienced with our WordPress meetups? I ask because we have so VERY many new people come every single meeting, that seems it would be useful to know.

    What is highly typical in Austin, generally, due to so very much option and choice available as to meetings to attend: 50% of almost every LARGE meeting (like over 15 people) ARE typically brand new or new to that group, whatever it is. Then…you have the other 50% that is always a good mix of the periodics, regulars, or new-ish but committed to becoming one of the latter two.

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