Dev Day

Advanced Sessions for Code Developers

Time DevDay Tracks
9:00 – 9:15Am Welcome – Opening Remarks, Fire Exits and Bathrooms and Beer (Dev Day  will be a soda, lemonade, ice tea event, (It was with :-)))) so, Devs, the expectation of beer is reserved for the Fire House later :-).
9:30 –
Mark Kelnar
Deploying code with Git: Everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask
This will be a technical talk that covers using Git for version control, why it’s useful for WordPress developers, as well as Git’s advantages over SVN. You’ll see specific use-cases from consultants and best-practice developers in the Community who use Git for their projects. We’ll walk through concepts like creating a repo, committing files, versioning, and using Git to work in teams and avoid “Cowboy Coding.” You’ll also get a walkthrough of deploying to a WordPress site with Git, and conclude with Q&A.
Jason Weaver
Responsive Menus and Off Canvas Elements
The biggest challenge for front-end developers today might be the staggering amount of diversity from one browser to the next. We try to build sites that last. We try to make them look good on all the things. Considering this, we’ll need to stay focused and build great looking sites that work well on any device. Common front-end layout patterns can certainly help.
In this session, we’ll dive into code for a jQuery plugin for responsive menus and take a look at off canvas patterns for device-agnostic layouts. The talk will emphasize large and small touch screen considerations.
Eddie Machado
What could possibly go wrong?
How do you go about redesigning a high traffic and well established site without annoying all the users? Let’s take a look and figure it out together. Oh, and It needs to be finished next week and it should be responsive.
(Liason’s note: I know this session looks sparse, but he’s talking about rebuilding, which I would LOVE to hear about)
Paul Ruescher
JavaScript in WordPress
The web is becoming more and more of a JavaScript playground, and WordPress is no exception.  From the recent overhaul of the media manager to some of the post revision functionality in 3.6, WordPress is undergoing a direction shift.  This session will go over the very basics of JavaScript MVC and how they can be applied to WordPress.
Chris Olbekson
Managing themes and server environments with extensible configuration arrays
The standard pattern for configuring a server environment and its sites’ themes is to define several constants, set a bunch of global variables, call a few functions, and sprinkle in a few filters into the wp-config.php and functions.php. This methodology to configure WordPress makes it burdensome to allow child themes to override settings in parent themes and for there to be environment-specific configurations across servers, from development to production.
My talk will delve into how we have tackled this problem for large multisite installs by using multidimensional configuration arrays that can be merged and extended before being converted into the constants, global variables, and filters that WordPress relies on. Beyond the increased consistency and convenience of a central configuration registry, we’ll see how using such extensible arrays allows for mixin configurations and “step-parent” themes. We’ll also see how storing all configuration in data arrays (as opposed to code) allows our code to be aware of its larger environment.

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