‘Grown In Texas’ WordCamp Austin May 18th, 2013

The theme of the WordCamp Austin 2013 is ‘Grown in Texas. We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of WordPress, and saluting the WordPress Community that has grown and flourished here in Austin, and throughout the Lone Star State. We are designers, developers and users of WordPress. We’re colleagues, a community, and a ready resource to the small business owners, bloggers, artists, designers, educators, publishers and developers who contribute to vibrancy of the Austin WordPress Community.

WordPress Austin has grown over the years from a small informal group meeting at Halcyon coffee house in 2007, to a more structured interest group meeting first at Austin’s Conjunctured, and later at CoSpace. Today the Austin WordPress group has over 1460 members. To reflect our continuing membership expansion, we have segmented our WordPress group meetings to better address the different user levels and interests. We now hold five meetings a month at locations throughout the Austin Metro area. This will be our third WordCamp Austin adventure. In 2010 we held a 60-person WordCamp. Our Austin WordCamp 2012 boasted 250 attendees. This year’s WordCamp Austin will host 450-WordPress enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the tenth anniversary of WordPress and talk about, “What’s next?”

The first official announcement, thus the official “Birthday” of WordPress was made on May 27, 2003 in a humble summary post called WordPress Now Available.”

Born out of a desire for an elegant, well designed, personal publishing system, GLP licensed and built on PHP and MySQL — what started as a fork of b2/cafelog by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, has since grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. WordPress is used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

WordCamp Austin 2013 is a celebration of how we all use WordPress today.

The tracks and sessions have been developed based on the data gathered from the 2013 Austin WordPress Member Survey. Come prepared to learn, share and have fun doing it — because that’s the way we do WordCamp here in in the Lone Start State.

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Sandra is a WordPress Consultant and Trainer as well as a co-organizer of the Austin WordPress group. In addition to being a WordPress Evangelist, she is a partner in Pleiades Publishing Services and Pleiades WebCenter.

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    1. Shelly K.

      Tickets will go on sale before the end of April. Some details have to settle before we can give the date. And yes, tickets are $20 per person and that includes lunch.

    1. Shelly K.

      Lunch is catered by Poke Joes. They did an excellent job last year. You can choose BBQ, Vegetarian or Vegan. And there’s a big and tasty spread in each category. You’ll make your selection up front – so we can get a head count – then go to that buffet line at lunch.

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