Michael Jackson’s Personal …

Michael Jackson’s Personal Photography will be our photographer at WordCamp Austin 2013 (this Saturday). Yes it is our pleasure to have Harrison Funk covering WordCamp.

Enjoy his online portfolio here. http://www.harrisonfunk.com/

He’s worked around the world as a professional photographer and Harrison has settled in Austin now.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a geek… being in the backend of WordPress is a little geeky. So yes, I think it’s pretty cool that a world renowned photographer is excited to spend 18 hours with us. (18 hours includes Friday, Saturday and post production.)

(And yes, the thorough and complete reader realizes this was in the press release post but as it was at the bottom I decided everyone didn’t read to the end and this should be written. :-)-S

(Oh, and when you meet Harrison, ask him if he does weddings. 😉