View Your Site by IP Address

Have you ever thought, ‘I can just view my old site by the IP address while I move the domain to a new server… and then I can have both sites up at the same time’?  Well many of us have. Turns out, viewing a WP site just by it’s IP address isn’t as straight forward as we think it should be.

So how do I get to view my new and old sites at the same time? How do I move an existing site to a new host? Will there be search engine penalties? You may never need to move your site(s), or maybe you’ll just move it once, I’m here to tell you from personal experience the answer to how to view the same site in two places (via IP address or not) is NOT out there in the forums (I looked).

This is only 10 minutes of Chris Weigman‘s session on Moving Sites and Managing Domains.It’s scheduled for late afternoon so plan on staying for it.  This is a definite must for Do-It-Yourselfers if you have ever thought of moving your site.

WordCamp Volunteers – Calling WordCamp Volunteers

Hey Volunteers! You get the same great food, the t-shirt and more free stuff, but volunteers also get the inside scoop on the politics, gossip and secrets that go on behind the scenes.

Call for Volunteers


If you will be in the same track all day it would be ideal to have you introduce the speakers in that session. Your interest in a specific series gives you an inside track on the flow and focus of your day. Even if it’s just half a day, that’s good too. If you want to spend quality time getting to know each speaker individually and are interested in this volunteer position please come to the Posh Meeting Monday Night at 6pm, 3027 North Lamar Blvd., Suite 202.

Tweeters and Posters

If it’s easy for you to blog and tweet on the fly we’ll need it in each session too. Everyone is encouraged to do this – last year we were a hot topic and we got in a posting war with WordCamp Seattle – aaahhh the memories :). Other Volunteer opportunities are also available find out more Monday night at 6 pm at Posh on Lamar (a few blocks south of Cafe Express near Seton Hospital).

How Do You Get to Know Someone to Get Ahead? It’s called Networking

If you’re new to WordPress or new to WordPress in Austin this is the perfect chance to meet the experts that are giving back to the community, the ones who have been doing it for years and now help the rest of us who follow in their expertise expecting their insights to brush off on us. You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with the ‘guy that knows everything’ or ‘knows everyone’ and will be able to capitalize on this resource in the future… it’s all about who you know or who knows you. So volunteer and get to know someone you can take advantage of… it’s called Networking.

Monday night at the 6pm Volunteers meeting we’ll take a head count for the volunteer’s food. (Yup. earliest morning  volunteers at WordCamp are greeted with breakfast tacos – this is one of those insider secrets I mentioned.  Sshhh, don’t talk about it out load ;-))

If you have already bought your ticket for WordCamp and are now deciding to volunteer please come to the short Volunteers meeting Monday night 6pm (before the regular 7pm Meetup also scheduled at Posh).

See You Monday night –

Hey WordPressers – Get Your T-Shirt

Hey Everyone –

To be sure you get your size in the FREE T-Shirt, buy your tickets now. We must turn in the shirt order by Sunday Noon (yes in 2 days). Please buy your ticket(s) now and reserve your shirt-size and your choice of BBQ, Vegan or Vegetarian for your FREE Lunch too.  All this for only $20? (you must be thinking…)

Yup. You get:
the T-Shirt (in your size buy now!)
Lunch (BBQ, Veg, or Veg) and Afternoon Snacks and the After Party at Mario’s Taco Express
Networking with the unique and talented ATX WordPress Community
4 Powerful Tracks each packed with 5 sessions (quick do the math)
More FREE Stuff!

WordCamp ATX is falling into place nicely as the schedule and speakers have been finalized. I’ve been e-talking with each of the speakers and they are all excited to be here – several are coming in from out of state – and are planning their presentations to the different levels of expertise we’ll have in the audience. These sessions are shaping up to be dynamic, entertaining and focused.

Looking forward to seeing you at WordCamp ATX Sat. May 18th.

Buy your ticket(s) now to be sure to get the T-Shirt in your size!


WordCamp Austin, it’s all about the Community

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences that focus on everything WordPress. Each WordCamp is different, reflecting the local WordPress community it represents, but usually a wide range of people from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

WordCamp Austin 2013 got off to a rocky start, we have had one car accident, one major surgery and 10 days in ICU and we are still holding things together. I put the above definition of a WordCamp there to remind those reading this, or those on Twitter, that WordCamp is put on by volunteers for the local community, based on a mutual respect for one another. If you’ve been to a meetup in Austin, you’ve seen the volunteers they are the ones putting out the power strips or making the signs, they are helping answer questions after the meetup, they are the one’s taking time out of their personal lives to help give back to the community on a weekly basis.

This year has been a struggle to get things organized because there has been a lot of internal change with the local group, our regular meetup spot has been split between 4 places, some faithful volunteers have left us completely, but the goals of the WordCamp and what is best for our attendees is at the heart of our decisions.

This year, based on Survey data of the Local MeetUp we’ve developed 4 tracks with 4 sessions each in a larger venue because the biggest complaint we received last year was the size of the event was not large enough to support the interest of the community.

This year’s topics include:

Saturday May 18th

WordPress Administration/Management Topics
WordPress Design/Development Topics
Running a Business Site on WordPress
Content Specific Topics

There is a a second day, Sunday May 19th, organized by Clark Wimberly that is reserved for highly technical topics with specific applications held in a traditional unconference format so those topics will be decided on at conference time based on the consensus of the attendees.

We’ve had some schedule disruptions which complicated the messaging for our social media staff which has left the messaging stale and uninformative. While we worked to update the sessions and I apologize for that. We are working together as a broad community to organize an amazing WordCamp for Austin and appreciate your patience and look forward to meeting you May 18th.

Survey Says – This is How We Use WP

what we doWordPress is big in the businesses of our members and more than 1/4 are in the business of  providing WordPress services.  But 1/3rd consider themselves newbies.  WordCamp sessions are designed for all levels and the topics are relevant to the work we do.

Content-Rich Sessions Come from Survey

who we areThe WP Austin Survey took place the first quarter of 2013 and 10% of our membership stepped-up to say what they wanted to learn more about. We heard from all skill levels – beginners to certified professionals with the largest category being novice WP user and the largest group of users were content developers or bloggers. The most popular topics are Responsive Design, with SEO and Google Webmaster always scoring high because 3/4 of people reported they use WP in their business.

A big thanks to Blossom Braemer for doing all the work to correlate the survey results.

Tickets on Sale Friday, April 19th

WordCamp Austin tickets will be available Friday, April 19th at 10:00am CDT. Please note that tickets this year will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis so, while there are quite a few more tickets available this year, you’ll still want to get your ticket early to guarantee your spot.

We appreciate all of your enthusiasm for this years WordCamp, as an all volunteer effort, we have been working hard to produce an absolutely amazing WordCamp this year and we are so excited to camp with you soon.

Please excuse our dust as we clean up the site a little bit over the next few days, we didn’t want to delay ticket sales any longer.

See this years schedule here, we’ll be posting updates as we finalize our After Party Sponsor and Location.

Announcing the Session Tracks for WordCamp Austin 2013

We are thrilled to get the session and track information published today and in the next couple of days. The sessions and tracks have been prioritized from the 2013 WordPress Austin Member Survey. The 4 big categories are

  • Content Track
  • Administrator / Manager Track
  • Technical Track (Designer and Developer Level)
  • Business Track

Each track is jam-packed with sessions all day long we’re posting these throughout the day.

‘Grown In Texas’ WordCamp Austin May 18th, 2013

The theme of the WordCamp Austin 2013 is ‘Grown in Texas. We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of WordPress, and saluting the WordPress Community that has grown and flourished here in Austin, and throughout the Lone Star State. We are designers, developers and users of WordPress. We’re colleagues, a community, and a ready resource to the small business owners, bloggers, artists, designers, educators, publishers and developers who contribute to vibrancy of the Austin WordPress Community.

WordPress Austin has grown over the years from a small informal group meeting at Halcyon coffee house in 2007, to a more structured interest group meeting first at Austin’s Conjunctured, and later at CoSpace. Today the Austin WordPress group has over 1460 members. To reflect our continuing membership expansion, we have segmented our WordPress group meetings to better address the different user levels and interests. We now hold five meetings a month at locations throughout the Austin Metro area. This will be our third WordCamp Austin adventure. In 2010 we held a 60-person WordCamp. Our Austin WordCamp 2012 boasted 250 attendees. This year’s WordCamp Austin will host 450-WordPress enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the tenth anniversary of WordPress and talk about, “What’s next?”

The first official announcement, thus the official “Birthday” of WordPress was made on May 27, 2003 in a humble summary post called WordPress Now Available.”

Born out of a desire for an elegant, well designed, personal publishing system, GLP licensed and built on PHP and MySQL — what started as a fork of b2/cafelog by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, has since grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. WordPress is used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

WordCamp Austin 2013 is a celebration of how we all use WordPress today.

The tracks and sessions have been developed based on the data gathered from the 2013 Austin WordPress Member Survey. Come prepared to learn, share and have fun doing it — because that’s the way we do WordCamp here in in the Lone Start State.