Paul Ruescher – DevDay

At WordCamp 2013 ATX, Sun May 19, Paul Reuscher will be presenting

JavaScript in WordPress

The web is becoming more and more of a JavaScript playground, and WordPress is no exception. From the recent overhaul of the media manager to some of the post revision functionality in 3.6, WordPress is undergoing a direction shift.  This session will go over the very basics of JavaScript MVC and how they can be applied to WordPress.

Eddie Machado – DevDay

Eddie Machado’s presentation at ATX WordCamp 2013 will be

What could possibly go wrong?

How do you go about redesigning a high traffic and well established site without annoying all the users? Let’s take a look and figure it out together. Oh, and It needs to be finished next week and it should be responsive.

(Liason’s note: I know this session looks sparse, but he’s talking about rebuilding thechive.com, which I would LOVE to hear about.)

Jason Weaver – DevDay

Jason Weaver’s DevDay presentation at ATX May 19, at Caipital Factory downtown Austin, will be

Responsive Menus and Off Canvas Elements

The biggest challenge for front-end developers today might be the staggering amount of diversity from one browser to the next. We try to build sites that last. We try to make them look good on all the things. Considering this, we’ll need to stay focused and build great looking sites that work well on any device. Common front-end layout patterns can certainly help.

In this session, we’ll dive into code for a jQuery plugin for responsive menus and take a look at off canvas patterns for device-agnostic layouts. The talk will emphasize large and small touch screen considerations.

Mark Kelnar – DevDay

Mark Kelnar’s DevDay presentation at ATX 2013 will be
Deploying code with Git: Everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

This will be a technical talk that covers using Git for version control, why it’s useful for WordPress developers, as well as Git’s advantages over SVN. You’ll see specific use-cases from consultants and best-practice developers in the Community who use Git for their projects. We’ll walk through concepts like creating a repo, committing files, versioning, and using Git to work in teams and avoid “Cowboy Coding.” You’ll also get a walk-through of deploying to a WordPress site with Git, and conclude with Q&A.

Chris Olbekson – DevDay

On Dev Day, Sunday May 19th at ATX , Chris Olbekson will present

The standard pattern for configuring a server environment and its sites’ themes is to define several constants, set a bunch of global variables, call a few functions, and sprinkle in a few filters into the wp-config.php and functions.php. This methodology to configure WordPress makes it burdensome to allow child themes to override settings in parent themes and for there to be environment-specific configurations across servers, from development to production.

My talk will delve into how we have tackled this problem for large multisite installs by using multidimensional configuration arrays that can be merged and extended before being converted into the constants, global variables, and filters that WordPress relies on. Beyond the increased consistency and convenience of a central configuration registry, we’ll see how using such extensible arrays allows for mixin configurations and “step-parent” themes. We’ll also see how storing all configuration in data arrays (as opposed to code) allows our code to be aware of its larger environment.

Jesse Petersen

Jesse Petersen will present:
SEO Still Matters

Jesse embraced his true geek nature in 2008 and left an office job as a desktop publisher and editor to be a full-time WordPress community member and formed Petersen Media Group in early 2009. He meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of his growing network of friends who desire websites that they could maintain and has amassed a returning client base of over 100 clients from Australia to Hawaii and many places in between.

With consistent referrals from StudioPress and Copyblogger Media, Jesse is highly sought-after by speakers, authors, and small businesses who want a clean, robust, and elegantly planned online presence. He isn’t flashy, but “does the ordinary extraordinarily well – every day.”

Jesse and his wife live in Tampa, FL. No pets. Nine foster children in the past year. They love road trips. You can follow him on Twitter @jpetersen.

Cory J. Miller

Cory J. Miller will present:
The 45-Minute Business Performance Tune-Up

Cory Miller (that’s me) is a former newspaper journalist turned full-time entrepreneur. In 2008, he started iThemes, which builds web design software and offers cutting-edge web design training for thousands of customers around the globe.

Named the 7th fastest growing company in Oklahoma City in 2011 by the Metro 50, iThemes employs over 20 people around the globe with headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma.

In 2011, he co-founded The Div, Inc, a nonprofit tech foundation aimed at inspiring and training the next generation of web developers through its kid’s program, Div Jr.

He is the co-author of WordPress All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley, 2011) and is a member and current communications chair of the Oklahoma chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a network of over 8,000 entrepreneurs in 40 countries with companies that have revenue over $1 million dollars annually.

He blogs regularly about entrepreneurship and work-life alignment at Startup Sofa and does private group coaching and training at the Entrepreneurship Lab.

He is married to Lindsey Miller, who leads the Education Program at iThemes aimed at helping provide school and educators with professional web design tools and training. They have an adorable baby boy named Caloway (born January 2013), and also two spoiled dogs, Frannie and Scooter.

Pat Ramsey

Pat Ramsey will present:
Applied Custom Fields

Pat Ramsey is a WordPress consultant based out of Austin, Texas. As an independent developer, Pat specializes in custom WordPress theme development, plugin customization, and operational best-practices for the website owner.

When he’s not building websites, he can be found organizing the Austin WordPress Meetup or helping run the tech networking community, Refresh Austin. He’s been a trainer and adviser for Knowbility’s Accessible Internet Rallies and AccessU. Pat is a former Navy Reserve sailor, a native Texan, and enjoys cooking large quantities of crawfish.

Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill will present:
Content Marketing That Sell$

Hannah Hill has helped develop content marketing strategies for small businesses, political candidates, New York Times best-selling authors and international speakers since 2009. She currently heads up WordPress website strategy and development for Author Media as Director of Customer Happiness.

Jared Atchison

Jared Atchison will present:
How To Succeed at Freelancing

WordPress consultant and developer with over 6 years of experience,
Texas A&M graduate, and proud Texan. Jared uses WordPress to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals efficiently and
effectively. He also maintains plugins available on WordPress.org,
helpful scripts onGitHub, and is a core contributor to bbPress and the Genesis Framework. When Jared isn’t knee deep in code he regularly attends and speaks at WordCamps around the country each year.

Robert Neu

Robert Neu will present:
SEO Still Matters

Robert Neu’s been doing this for more than 15 years. When he was a fat little toddler, his Dad let him loose on the computer and that’s all she wrote. He’s been working on the web since the late 90’s when he launched his first web design business. After years of hacking together crappy static HTML sites, experimenting with the dark side of SEO, and getting banned from countless Internet forums, he decided it might be a good idea to get his act together. Luckily for him, this was around the same time he discovered WordPress and white hat SEO. It was love at first click and he hasn’t strayed since. Well, maybe a little. (No Joomla)

Currently, Robert is the CEO and Lead Developer at FAT Media, an Internet marketing agency focused entirely on the WordPress platform. He spends most of his time solving technical problems for FAT Media’s various SEO, PPC, and content marketing clients as well as managing the day-to-day operations. Robert also recently launched a WordPress-based SAAS platform for funeral homes called Funeral Forward and he heads up a WordPress SEO meetup group in Tampa Bay.

Dorian Speed

Dorian Speed will present:
Hey Kids! Let’s Put on a Show: Building a Collaborative Website

Dorian Speed is a web designer and writer living outside of Houston. She’s the Web Editor of the literary magazine Dappled Things and has built a variety of collaborative websites for various organizations. As a former classroom teacher, she enjoys educating clients about how to get the most from their websites.  Dorian designs sites using the Genesis framework and her work has been featured in the StudioPress showcase. She’s spoken on a variety of subjects, most recently at the 2012 International Bloggers’ Summit during the Catholic New Media Conference. You can learn more about her at Up to Speed.

Carrie Dils

Carrie Dils will present:
Capturing Clients – How Building Good Relationships Will Build Your Business

Carrie Dils is a self-employed Genesis Developer, specializing in WordPress sites built on the Genesis Framework. Her entrepreneurial spirit dates back the 6th grade when she ran a profitable candy operation out of her locker, but officially started in 1998 when she registered a DBA and kicked of her career in web design.

In the years since, Carrie has helped numerous clients in Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond to create smart websites that work. Big on relationships and low on drama, Carrie preaches the benefits of great customer service and how it can better your bottom line.

Ansa Copeland

Ansa Copeland will present:
Why Designers Should Code

Ansa Copeland is an Austin-based freelance designer with a solid grasp of front-end development. She believes that part of a designer’s role is to serve as an interpreter between the machine language of the web and the human language of the user, and that the best part of the job is solving problems.

Ansa lives in Round Rock and occasionally blogs about design, code, or whatever else occurs to her at blog.ansacopeland.com. Right now, she is probably day-dreaming about her next sailing trip.

Nick Batik

Nick Batik will present:
Setting and Managing Customer Expectations About Mobile Responsive Design

Nick Batik has been building websites since 1994 and has been a WordPress consultant and developer for over five years. He specializes in custom theme design using the Genesis Framework. When not lost in the poetry of code Nick contributes to the WordPress community by serving as Co-organizer for the Austin WordPress Meetup Group, as a member of the organizing team for the WordCamp Austin 2010, WordUp Austin 2012, and WordCamp Austin 2012. Nick is a lead trainer for the Hands-On WordPress classes.

Nick has had a life-long love affair with design and typography and has written numerous training courses, articles and seminars on design, publishing and web development. He has presented at publishing conferences in over 100 cities across the US, England, and Scandinavia. His work with Pleiades WebCenter reflects his passion for elegant and effective information design and he is dedicated to using design technology to communicate, and manage Information in a way that is beneficial to his clients and the client’s customers.

Chris Wiegman

Chris Wiegman will present:
Moving Sites and Managing Domains

Chris is a Senior Developer for Springbox where he works on projects of all sizes and description. In addition he is the developer of the Better WP Security plugin which currently has over 500,000 downloads on WordPress.org. Finally, Chris is an adjunct member of the Computer Science faculty at St. Edward’s University where he teaches courses ranging from basic HTML to advanced computer security. Chris has been in the Austin, TX area since the beginning of 2012 where he resides with his wife (a future star on the Austin stage) and their four-legged children.

Joel Goodman

Joel Goodman will present:
jQuery for Theme Designers

Joel G Goodman is a jack-of-all-trades marketer, designer, and front-end developer at his creative media agency, Bravery Transmedia. He has been designing and developing custom WordPress themes for bands, universities, bakeries, bloggers, professionals, and startups since 2007. He also holds a master of arts degree in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement and lives in Austin, TX.

Taylor Christensen

Taylor Christensen will present:
SEO: Webmaster Tools

Taylor Christensen started learning to build WordPress plugins and themes when he was 16, and hasn’t looked back since. Over the last 4 years he’s built websites for clients ranging from small businesses and startups, to agencies and the State of Texas. Taylor started a small web agency, CloudioWeb, where he focuses on maximizing online potential as the Creative Director. In his free time, Taylor enjoys photography, floating the San Marcos river, reading about the latest startups, and watching sports.

Brandon Kraft

Brandon Kraft will present:
Planning and Organizing Your Site

Brandon, or Kraft as he’s better known, started building websites in 1996 and hasn’t looked back. Kraft has worked with his own “weblog” since 2002, first in HTML, then Movable Type, then finally to WordPress.

At The University of Texas at Austin, Kraft focused on the impact of technology within a society, which actually does mean more than playing on Facebook. After college, he directed the web and social media presence for a local non-profit.

Currently, Kraft is on the board of Austin Catholic New Media (http://www.austincnm.com) and operates Coffea Web Services (http://www.coffeaweb.com/), a development and consultancy firm specializing in WordPress.

Married with three young daughters, you can follow Kraft on Twitter (@Kraft) and on his personal site (http://www.brandonkraft.com/).

Austin Gunter

Austin Gunter will present:
Miracle Content: Sprout Your Online Community in 2013

Austin Gunter is a writer, blogger, and Community Architect. He manages the Content and Community marketing for WP Engine, the premiere managed WordPress hosting platform. Previously, Austin brought 120 startups through an incubator in Austin, Texas. Now part of WP Engine’s marketing offices in San Francisco, Austin blogs weekly about startups and hacking his own brain at austingunter.com.

Corrin Foster

Corrin Foster will present:
Blogging Best Practices

Corrin Foster recently relocated to Austin from Chicago, has her MBA, a couple of Bachelor’s Degrees, and is pondering becoming a PhD in something. She’s the Marketing Director at an independent publisher, and a serious bookworm who thinks the internet is the best thing since sliced bread. She has a wiener dog named Oliver, a weakness for sequin, and she can really cut a rug. She blogs at Oh Hey and Tweets @CorrinRenee.

Ilene Haddad

Ilene Haddad will present:
Blogging Best Practices

Ilene Haddad (@IleenieWeenieon Twitter) entered the world of blogging as she does most things in life—with equal parts enthusiasm and clumsiness. Among various interests, including her web comic, CasaWeenie.com, Ilene runs a graphic design business and hosts various community events focused on blogging and social media. She’s probably best known for founding #BlogathonATX and falling down a flight of stairs in front of Lyle Lovett. Ilene resides in Austin with one husband, two stinky dogs, and 14 time management books she hasn’t had time to read.

Amanda Quraishi

Amanda Quraishi will present:
Blogging Best Practices

Amanda Quraishi is a writer, blogger, interfaith activist and technology professional living in Austin, Texas.  She currently works full time at Moblie Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization that addresses the issue of homelessness in the U.S.  Amanda is a contributing blogger at Tikkun Daily and The Religious Left; and she maintains her own blog at muslimahMERICAN.com.  You can follow her adventures on Twitter at @ImTheQ.

Eric Weiss

Eric Weiss will present:
Blogging Best Practices

Eric Weiss is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Skeptics On The .Net and co-host of Die Robot Die, a weekly tech podcast. He experiments with online content under the Houdini Labs banner. “I have worked in a variety of positions that focus on one major aspect: clear communication. Whether that is through my writing, graphic design or web development, I try to tell a story through my work.” In addition to WP, Eric also has something to say about Graphic Design, Journalism and Video Game Design.

Crystal R. R. Edwards

Crystal R. R. Edwards will present:
Blogging Best Practices

Crystal R. R. Edwards writes the monthly magazine humor column WELL, THAT WAS FUN, featured in Visalia, California’s Direct Magazine. She also writes NEXTGEN for Visalia’s Lifestyle Magazine, a regular interview column focusing on young, must-watch Visalia natives. She authors commissioned pieces for its sister publication, Wedding Style, and other freelance articles in publications across the country. She is a professional copywriter, copy editor, and humorist.

Chris Lema

Chris Lema will present:
The Client’s Not Always Right. How to Protect Yourself From Overshoot and Dwindling Profits with WordPress

Chris Lema is the VP of Software Engineering at Emphasys Software, where he manages high performers and oversees product development and innovation. He’s also a blogger, ebook author and runs a WordPress meetup in North County San Diego.


Chris Schmitt

Chris Schmitt will present:
Adaptive Images in Responsive Web Design

Christopher Schmitt is the founder of Heatvision.com, Inc., an Austin-based new media publishing and design firm, and co-founder of Environments for Humans, a leader in web and mobile conferences.

An award-winning web designer who has been working in the medium for twenty years, Christopher interned for both David Siegel and Lynda Weinman as an undergraduate at Florida State University.

He has a Masters in Communication for Interactive and New Communication Technologies, and is the author of six books, Including Designing Web & Mobile Graphics and CSS Cookbook, the latter was named Best Web Design Book of 2006.

Cody Landefeld

Cody Landefeld will present:
Hiring the Right WordPress Consultant

My name is Cody Landefeld and my passion is helping organizations solve problems creatively. I am a user experience problem solver by nature and have over 10 years of experience in the creative field. I currently lead the team at codyL where we are privileged to work with some amazing clients.

Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson will present:
How To Succeed at Freelancing

Bill has been a freelance WordPress developer since May 2006. His clients span the spectrum from Fortune 100 companies to universities to small one-person businesses. He’s also contributed heavily to the WordPress community: he’s written 21 plugins that have been downloaded over 150,000 times; he’s a core contributor to the Genesis theme framework; and he was a core contributor on WordPress 3.4

David Vogelpohl

David Vogelpohl will present:
Advanced Google Analytics for WordPress

David Vogelpohl is the founder and CEO of Marketing Clique, an online marketing and web development agency which helps clients build WordPress websites, create web applications, and manage online marketing campaigns.

David has nearly 17 years of web development and online marketing experience across a variety of platforms and channels. David is a published author, speaker at major online-marketing conference Pubcon, speaker at WordCamp Atlanta, speaker at Affiliate Summit and veteran of the web since 1996.

David is also the author and featured speaker of the online training course “Make Analytics Easy” a conversion focused training program for website Analytics.

Stephanie Leary

Stephanie Leary will present:
There’s a Plugin For That

Stephanie Leary began designing websites out of boredom in high school, and after earning a B.A. in English literature, she discovered that her skill with HTML had saved her from a career in the food services industry. She spent ten years working at Texas A&M University, where she established accessibility and web standards and pioneered the use of blogging software (first Movable Type, then WordPress) to manage departments’ websites.

Stephanie now freelances as a WordPress developer. She is a frequent speaker at higher education conferences and WordCamps, and is the author of Beginning WordPress 3 and the forthcoming WordPress for Web Developers.