WordCamp Austin!

Rackspace is excited about being a Diamond Sponsor. A large percentage of our customers are WordPress devotees or WordPress NERDS as one of our favorites describes himself. Our Rackers attending WordCamp Austin are looking forward to sitting down, listening, and engaging with you to learn what’s important to the WordPress Community and ensuring we take this learning back to our greater Rackspace team and continue to build these features into our products.

If you’ve never heard of Rackspace then we’re happy to meet you. Rackspace is the service leader in cloud computing. We are the home of Fanatical Support® which truly means that were fanatically driven to serve our customers and believe this service is what distinguishes us in the marketplace.

Like many of our customers we started off as a startup and grew to be the leader in the open cloud and dedicated hosting. The more we worked in dedicated we began to see the rise of the cloud and the potential for vendor lock-in. For this reason we worked with NASA to build OpenStack, an open and scalable system for building public and private cloud. OpenStack provides both large and small organizations an alternative to closed cloud environments and has a highly engaged community of over 6000 individuals and over 190 companies.

If you believe in open technology, Fanatical Support, and in a company that is about its employees and community check us out at www.rackspace.com.

Also, for our WordPress devotees check out this build for you: http://launch.rackspace.com

PS: Rackspace Cool Fact -> Our headquarters is in a refurbished mall we call The Castle! Talk about Fanatical Renovation. See the story here.