View Your Site by IP Address

Have you ever thought, ‘I can just view my old site by the IP address while I move the domain to a new server… and then I can have both sites up at the same time’?  Well many of us have. Turns out, viewing a WP site just by it’s IP address isn’t as straight forward as we think it should be.

So how do I get to view my new and old sites at the same time? How do I move an existing site to a new host? Will there be search engine penalties? You may never need to move your site(s), or maybe you’ll just move it once, I’m here to tell you from personal experience the answer to how to view the same site in two places (via IP address or not) is NOT out there in the forums (I looked).

This is only 10 minutes of Chris Weigman‘s session on Moving Sites and Managing Domains.It’s scheduled for late afternoon so plan on staying for it.  This is a definite must for Do-It-Yourselfers if you have ever thought of moving your site.