POK-E-JO’s BBQ will cater 2013 WordCamp Austin








Back By Popular demand, POK-E-JO’s BBQ will again be catering the 2013 Austin WordCamp lunch service. The 2012 Austin WordCamp attendees filled the Twitter-verse and Facebook with pictures and ‘umm–umm good’ comments about the delicious food that our friends at POK-E-Jo’s served up. In addition to the smoked Texas brisket and other carnivore treats, POK-E-JO’s also offered a tasty vegetarian service with vegan options.

So many 2012 attendees commented on how nice it was to relax outside while munching great BBQ, that we will set up tented outdoor eating areas for our Campers to kick-back, hang out and enjoy some down time between the morning and afternoon sessions.


One thought on “POK-E-JO’s BBQ will cater 2013 WordCamp Austin

  1. Sherry Lowry

    POK-E-JO’s BBQ – welcome back to Wordcamp Austin’s annual WordPress conference!

    BBQ is necessarily a part of the Austin experience and POK-E-JO’s hits it out of the park every single time in how you go about providing this off-site, fabulous service the way you do. We love your people and your results!

    Thanks so very much for being onboard again with us in 2013. We have wildly fond memories of our 2012 experience with POK-E-JO’s and total confidence those this year will meet the same standard of excellence. Our registrants will LOVE lunch – guaranteed!

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