WordCamp Austin 2013 Volunteer Roster

  • General Call to Volunteers for Friday May 17, 2013 – If you can come to the church on Friday May 17, 2013 to help with setup – chairs, A/V, etc. please come from 1:30 – 3:00 Friday afternoon to setup – it will go fast with so many hands.

  • Saturday Morning WordCamp Signage, Registration and Food Service people please show up at 7:00 am.

  • Volunteers helping with Speakers and Rooms please show up at 7:30 am.

  • All other volunteers show up at 8:00 am. If you received a different time in an email please arrive at the time in the email.

Thank you kindly to everyone who is stepping up. You know this is the biggest WordCamp we’ve done. The venue is gorgeous, fully equipped and brand new. All of our time and extra hands are going to setup the best venue we could imagine and then turn around and leave it better than it was – so the owners of the church can have an inspired Sunday in their building returned to them better than it was given. (Was that a run-on sentence? Someone let me know.) -S

Organizer* (OT) — Bobby Brooks

Pre-WordCamp Day

  • Recruit Organizing Team members
  • Establish WordCamp Budget / submit to WordCamp Central (interface: Finance / Facilities Manager / Food & Beverage)
  • Schedules and presides over Organizing Team meetings
  • Identifies and acquires the resources the Organizing Team needs to accomplish tasks assigned. (i.e. Google Drive training)
  • Maintains primary contact with WordCamp Central
  • Manage Work-load balance between the various volunteer teams and the Organizing Team, reallocate tasks as necessary

At WordCamp

Direct and support the activities of the:

  • Happiness Ambassador
  • Facilities Manager
  • Registration Manager
  • Communications Manager — Signage Coordinator (interface: Communications / Speaker Coordinator)

Organizer Emeritus (OT) — H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

  • Offer wise advice based on experience when requested
  • Pitch in to support Organizing Committee or other volunteer teams with tasks as requested
  • Act as Host / MC at WordCamp Austin 2013

Happiness Ambassador — Tara Payne-Erickson

  • Adjunct to the Organizer
  • Responsible for roving the facility and overseeing event day
  • Dispatch team member to fix to any problems
  • Roving Customer Support for Attendees
  • Directs activities of Mission Control Coordinator (stationary function providing point of contact for Happiness Ambassador.)
  • Directs Happiness Bar Coordinator
  • Directs Speaker and Sponsor registration & greeting
  •  Introduce and hand-off to Speaker or Sponsor Support Coordinator

Mission Control Coordinator (stationary function) – H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

  • Provide point of contact for Happiness Ambassador.
  • Set up mission control table
  • Handle sponsor, speaker, Volunteer registration and support as needed
  • Act as point of contact to trouble shoot problems

Happiness Bar Coordinator — Jackie Dana

  • Identify and recruit WordPress Evangelists to staff Happiness Bar
  • Set up Happiness Bar Schedule

Fund Raising Manager (OT) — Sherry Lowry

  • Build Sponsorship Package (Interface: Organizer / Finance / Communications, Web Scribe)
  • Identifies and contacts potential sponsors
  • Signs Sponsor (Interface: Finance / WordCamp Central)
  • Sponsor Special Events (interface: Finance / WordCamp Central)
  • Assigns Sponsor Support

Sponsor Support
 Coordinator – Sherry Lowry

  • Obtains logo, other graphics / media / content
  • Obtains sponsor attendee count / name list / food choices / shirt sizes
  • SWAG support

    Special Events Coordinator — Shayda Torabi

  • Receptions
  • After-Party Events

Budget & Finance Manager (OT) — Bobby Brooks

  • Set and manage budget (interface: Organizer / WordCamp Central)
  • Bill and verify sponsor payments (interface: WordCamp Central)
  • Approve expenditures and submit to WordCamp Central
  • Assigns Procurement Support Coordinator and Ticketing Coordinator

Procurement Support Coordinator – Shayda Torabi

  • Online and in-town purchasing as requested
  • Inventory management
  • Delivery to WordCamp event as needed

Ticketing Coordinator — Chris Wiegman

  • Ticketing Processes and Plugin Management
  • Ticketing Trouble shooting (Interface: WordCamp Central)

Facility Manager (OT) — Caren Boyer Kuah

  • Find and negotiate venue (interface: Organizer / Finance / WordCamp Central.)
  • Maintain communication with venue management during WordCamp
  • Primary point of contact for all venue / facilities related questions and issues.
  • Emergency response (Interface: Happiness Ambassador)
  • Direct Utilities Coordinator
  • Direct Food and Beverage Coordinator
  • Direct Set-up Coordinator
  • Utilities Coordinators — Dave Nash & Nick Batik

    • Internet
    • Electrical
    • A/V hookups
  • Food & Beverage Coordinator – Martha Gail Moore

    • Oversee coffee and beverage coolers
    • Manage caterer venue requirements
    • Oversee Lunch Service


  • Set-up & Clean-Up Coordinator – Ray Freer

    • Sets up and drape table for registration / SWAG / beverages
    • Set up and police SWAG table
    • Empty trash receptacles as need
    • Final Facilities Walk Through to make sure venue is left as we found it

Communications Manager (OT) — Bobbie Wilson

Web Master — Bobbie Wilson

  • Initial Site Setup
  • Develop polls and survey tools
  • Ticketing system (configuration & technical)
  • Contact with WordCamp Central for trouble shooting/special requests
  • Support Site Scribe

Scribe — Shelly K.

  • Support Fund Raiser team
    • Work with Fund Raising Manager to post the Sponsor packages as soon as they are developed.
    • Post Sponsor logos / posts as directed
    • Post speaker bios, photos
    • Post course descriptions
    • Post status blogs, event details

Social Media Coordinator — Yvonne Young

  • Creates / assigns hash tags
  • Provides Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. links
  • Roving blogger / social media poster / color commentary

Design & Graphics Production  — Kristy Brooks

  • Develop the look and feel for the Lone Star WordPress 10th  Birthday Celebration WordCamp.
  • Design custom Lone Star Site Theme
  • Coordinate with Web Developer
  • T-shirt design and production
  • Signage design and production
  • Badge design and printing
  • Program design and printing

Videography — Richard Plakas & Nick Batik

  • Choose professional videography vendor (Interface Budget and Finance)
  • Oversee or assign:
    • Camera test and setup
    • Sound check
    • Mic speakers
    • Deliver media to post-production
    • Post Editing
      • Embed speaker slides / video (interface: Speaker Support Coordinator)
      • Upload videos to WordPress.TV

Photographer – Harrison Funk

  • Capture images that represent the Lone Star WordPress 10th  Birthday Celebration WordCamp.
  • Photograph speakers and class attendees

Signage Coordinator – Victoria and Ray Freer –

(interface: Communications / Speaker Coordinator)

Hangs event signs

  • Easel / kiosk directories, schedules, maps

WordCamp Sessions Content Managers — Pat Ramsey & Shelly K.

  • Convenes the session review committee.
  • Committee selects sessions and speakers
  • Contact speakers for acceptance
  • Directs Speaker Support Coordinator to:
    • Contact speakers to request bio, photo, course description, and signed release forms
    • Post to website (Interface: Communications)

Speaker Support Coordinator — Shelly K.

  •  Primary contact with speaker (post selection)
  • Identifies / suggests presentation file formats
  • Transportation / lodging / speaker logistics
  • Constructs Speaker Packages
    • Intro bio
    • Computer connection requirement
    • Other A/V
    • Evaluation Forms
    • Flag packages with special requirement
    • Print speaker and session name room signs
    • Selects and Directs Room Coordinators
    • Selects and Directs Room / Session blogger

Room Coordinator (responsible for all speakers in their assigned room)

  • Gets Hot List phone numbers for emergency support
  • Post / Change Speaker and session name sign on room
  • Greet speaker
  • Verify room setting are acceptable
  • Place water bottle at podium for each speaker
  • Verify videographer has camera / speaker mic set up
  • Greet attendees, hand evaluation and any course handouts
  • Introduce speaker
  • Be on hand for speaker support (e.g. lights, cooling, roving mic for Q&A, etc.)
  • Collect evaluations
  • Thank speaker, lead applause
  • Break down session and straighten room between sessions

Room / session blogger – Miguel Fernandez and more!

  • Post hash tags for event and session
  • Real-time blogging re: each session

 Manager (OT) — Cathy Y.

  • Construct Registration Packages (interface: Organizer, Ticketing coordinator, Graphics)
    • Badges
    • T-shirts
    • Program
    • Food / special event tickets
    • Other
  • Trains registration team
  • Sets up registration tables
  • Assigns registration volunteers to tables
  • Attendee registration (interface: Ticketing Coordinator)


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